• I know. I know. I (We) have been silent lately. I think about the #lipsticktherapy family often, and have been meaning to reach out. Sometimes, I just don’t know what to say…yet, I have so much to say.

    There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of my mom. If she were still here, I wonder what she might be doing, what she would say… I wonder how her workday would have been at EyeCare Specialties…I wonder what small thing she would get excited about next…I wonder what new outfit she would get from this month’s Stitch Fix (showing me on our weekly Skype session), what new landscaping flowers she would want to put in this year, what upcoming Lied Center show she would be attending, or just what funny comment she would have about how “Lar” would tease her about how much money she spent at Walgreens the month prior. I wonder…

    Beyond wondering…I miss! I miss her like crazy. Her smile…her excitement…her support.

    She would be so excited about the near-future (any day now) first steps of her grandson, Regis. She would be proud for the “graduation” of her grand-dog, Sadie Mae, from Obedience School (although she is still very naughty), and just the overall accomplishments for her children and “children-in-laws.”

    There are mornings when I wake up and for a split second, I don’t think it’s real. Then, the disappointment and sadness sets in, but only for seconds…because quickly I remember everything that was so remarkable about her. I don’t run short of wonderful memories and that makes me happy. That makes me smile.

    So often through the silence, we find love. We find joy. We find celebrations. I hope that through the absence and silence of my posts, that your memories of Ronda, “Lucy”, have been happy ones. I hope that they have been ones that make you smile, because even in a moment of silence, Ronda always knew how to make those around her happy.

    Never stop celebrating what Ronda meant to you and embrace the silence!