• Angel 1210

    March 27, 2017
  • Recently, I could not shake the number 1210. It was everywhere. I would see it almost daily on clocks, on my watch, on signs, on receipts, in the airport … EVERYWHERE. A week or so ago, I happened to be home in Lincoln, NE. While there, I visited my mom’s work. As soon as I walked into the “Communications Building” of EyeCare Specialties, I suddenly remembered the last time I was there.

    It was the fall of 2015 and I had flown home to surprise my mom. My dad and I had been planning it for months! Since it was a surprise, my mom didn’t know to switch her late Thursday night shift with one of her other co-workers so we could hang out. So instead, Larry and I picked up dinner and brought it to her at work. It was just her there that night and the phones were slow.

    We ate our dinner in the breakroom and laughed. I remember at one point, my mom had to use the restroom and I said…”What happens if the phone rings while you in there?”

    She said, “Well Ame. Let’s just hope that doesn’t happen!”

    With that response, Larry and I looked at each other and were thinking the exact same thing! Yep! As soon as she went into the restroom, we were going to call the main line from one of our cell phones! We did! And from inside the restroom, you could hear her say “Well dang!” She scrambled out of the restroom and we just died laughing! At family gatherings, she used to always say “I’m just here for your entertainment!” I am sure she muttered something of the sort once she realized what we just did.

    As I was standing in the front part of her office last week, that memory came pouring back and it made me laugh to myself. I talked with all of her coworkers, who are not just coworkers, yet some of the best friends you could ever ask for. These women showed up in my mom’s hospital room every week. They would update her on what was going on at work, they would talk about their kids, their dogs, and any other topic of conversation you might have if you are simply having a conversation with one of your friends.

    As we are coming up on my mom’s anniversary date of her last day of work when she went to the ER, I knew that might be on everyone’s mind. But another date kept ringing in my head when I went to leave the office…1210…1210…1210. 12/10 (December 10, 2016) – The last day my mom took a breath of air. I couldn’t help but think that these “coworkers” may have lost a fellow employee on March 30 of last year, but they lost a “friend” on 12/10. It really hit me as I was leaving and I became overwhelmed with sadness for all of these wonderful ladies.

    When I walked out of EyeCare Specialties, I decided to go to Starbucks so that I could “reset” before going about my day. Again, 1210 is all I could think about. Not only was I seeing it a lot lately, and not only is it my mom’s death date, but it is also the address of my first home as a child (1210 East 33rd Street, Kearney, NE), it’s the birthday of my four-legged child, Sadie Mae, who my mom absolutely loved, and I couldn’t escape it. As my brother pointed out on 12/10/16, he turned to me in the hospice room after my mom passed and said, “My first memories of mom are at 1210 and my last is on 12/10.”

    All of this was too overwhelming not to look into what the number 1210 might represent. So, sitting there in Starbucks, I asked google a very important question, “What does the number 1210 mean?” What came up on that search took my breath away!

    If I typed it here, you may not believe me, so I will let you read the screen print below to see for yourself.

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    Even after Ronda’s death, her Angel, Angel 1210, is still spreading the message to stay positive. As my sister-in-law said, “This is not a coincidence.” 🙂

    If you haven’t read the Positivity Pledge lately, maybe today is a good day to pull it out and recommit.

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