• Does Food Really Matter?

    I just watched a very disturbing documentary that touches on cancer. "Food Matters" confirms so many things that I have wondered about in regards to cancer over the last 9 months since my mom's diagnosis. 

    I remember so vividly when my mom was still in ICU after her surgery of removing her brain tumor, my brother standing across my mom's bed from one of her doctors, asked him about "nutritional therapy"... His response? He laughed. He laughed in our face as if we were the stupid ones. It still makes me so mad to this day that the thought of that moment brings me to tears.

    I am not so naive to not realize that documentaries are very one-sided. I am just saying...I had questions and doubts not only about the treatment, but curiosity still haunts me about HOW cancer was caused in her brain.

    If you have Netflix, I highly recommend tuning in...

    "You can be sincere, and you can be sincerely wrong." -Phillip Day