• Growing up, Ronda would start decorating for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. It is her favorite time of the year! Over the years, she has collected ornaments from her travels or just from places that have a special meaning. She has hundreds of them in boxes and boxes at home…so many that eventually her and Larry had to get an additional tree just to be able to hang all of them. She told me it would take her over 4 hours to put them on the tree. I think, partially, it took her so long because she would take a moment to ponder the many memories and thoughts that are tied to each one. So, for 4+ hours, she would reminisce about her life and the many beautiful memories she has throughout the years! 

    Today, I put up a Christmas tree in her hospice room so she will not be left out this year either. Although, this will be one of the first times that she hasn’t decorated her tree(s) for Christmas in 40+ years, I thought we could help make her feel special and bring ornaments to her this year!

    If you come visit Ronda during this holiday season and you want to bring her an ornament for her tree, we can decorate it together…as a community of those who love Ronda so much! I bought her the little doggie one pictured in this video because of her love for dogs. It’s the lone ornament on her tree right now, but I know we can fill her tree with “ornaments of love!” If you do bring one, we would love it if you could put your name on it somewhere so we can also remember who they came from.

    I can’t wait to see the tree again in December when I come home again. Much Love to everyone!