• The Power of Thought

    I study psychology a lot. With my business, we use psychology so that entrepreneurs can build their best brand possible while instantly being able to connect with their target audience. I was recently working on additional research and was putting together a training on our collective unconscious mind vs. our personal unconscious mind vs. our conscious mind. Although I was applying this to building a business, I had a lightbulb moment! If this works for business, then it can also work for you in your personal life!

    During one of my visits with my mom, I asked her, “How are you so positive and what advice do you have for others to be positive?” In her very simplistic way, she responded, “I think you just are or your aren’t! You are born that way.” To a certain extent, I believe she is right and when you study the human mind, you know that in our unconscious mind, you are who you are…it’s the way you are born before any other outside influences or experiences affect you.

    So, what about those that aren’t “born that way” as my mom puts it? Does that mean that they will always be negative. No, of course not! You can use the power of thought to change your thinking, your outlook, and ultimately, your life!

    Let’s take a look at how you can use your subconscious mind and the power of thoughts to turn a negative situation into a positive.

    Thoughts are powerful things. They are a creative process that occurs in our minds. It is our thoughts that enable us to manifest what we want on this material plane. This is because thoughts influence what and who is around us as well as guide us in our behavioral patterns. Case in point: If you surround yourself with negative people you will have a negative mindset. Thoughts are indeed contagious as is negativity and positivity.

    The mind is also like a fertile ground where thoughts are like seeds. So, if you plant positive seeds via positive thoughts, then you will grow positivity in your life. Likewise, if you plant negative seeds via negative thoughts you will have negativity in your life in full bloom. Just like plants, you have to nurture your thoughts to enable them to grow in a positive manner so you can have a positive life.

    All thoughts whether negative or positive go through our subconscious minds first. This is what propels our actions in life; our thoughts. Action we take corresponds to the thoughts we have first. They are reactions to our thoughts. This is where the saying “think before you act” comes into being. Our thoughts also influence those people around us as well as their actions. Thus, the adage “like minds think alike” comes into play. We tend to gravitate towards those who think and act like we do. “Schema” which illustrates this idea is where common belief patterns within a group of people who shared the same limitations or challenges also triggered their automatic thoughts as well. This proves that the power of thought is a strong thing.

    The power of the mind is the second strongest thing to the human spirit to survive against all odds. It is indeed our thoughts that determine what happens to us in the course of a day. This means, in retrospect, you have to be careful for what you think about because the mind creates the thought subconsciously which in turns becomes our conscious actions.

    The mind in relation to our thoughts can be compared to a DVD player as our minds and our thoughts are the DVD. When you put the DVD in the player, or the thought in the mind, you then see in your mind’s eye what you either have or will experience. Thoughts are a creative process. In truth, what you see and play on the DVD is what you experience in your life. What we think is what we live. If we submit to hopeless thoughts, rest assured we will live in a hopeless state. In order to live a positive happy life then, based on the DVD idea, one has to replace the old negative DVD with a positive one and play that one all the time instead. This is how the power of thought works. What we create as a thought in our subconsciousness becomes the action we take in our conscious lives.

    More recently, the NCAA National Championship Volleyball Team, The Nebraska Cornhuskers, visited my mom in her hospice room. As a season ticket holder, and big fan of her beloved “volleyball girls,” Ronda was ecstatic to actually have them visit her. As my dad explained stood in the room and explained to these college athletes what Ronda’s condition was, you could see the sadness and somewhat of shock of their faces. But then my dad said, standing behind my mom with his hands on her shoulders, “But we stay positive, don’t we Ronda?” She replied, “We sure do!” What a powerful moment…during a time of complete sadness and less than ideal circumstances, my mom sits in her wheelchair, knowing that she is dying and still uses the power of thought to see the good in what remains of her life.