• Last month my dad had a work trip to California. This would be the first time that my dad was unable to spend a day with Ronda since she went to the ER in late March. It has been 134 days since that day. So, during those 5 days while he was in California, my mom’s youngest sister, Tami stayed in Lincoln to be there with her.

    It’s truly amazing to watch how family and friends come together and “dig in” during these times. The Eatherton Family (if you don’t know them) are some of the strongest people I have ever met in my entire life. They all have truly dealt with some heavy shit in their lives and they continue to stay strong and press on! I know every family has their challenges and I am certainly not trying to dismiss anyone’s own journey, and this family (my mom & her siblings) have lost a grandmother, a mother, and 2 brothers all to cancer.

    So when we talk about how positive my mom is, it’s truly awe-inspiring.

    After my mom was able to spend some quality “sister time” together, I asked Tami to write a guest post. Here is what she shared…


    “A Sister’s Reflection”

    by Tami Anderson

    Hey, Ronda. I thought I’d drop in and share some memories with you. One of the many positives to growing older is that you have a lot of time to reflect and a lot of years and events from which to reflect.

    I’m sure some of the memories you have of me are less than complimentary to me … like the numerous times when you and Ranae ran to your room and jumped on the bed kicking your feet in the air in an effort defend yourselves from my attempt to pummel you; or the times when I would lock you and Ranae in your room; or the picture I took, and kept, of that tornado you called a room; or the hours and hours your boyfriends would spend playing H-O-R-S-E in our driveway with me instead of sitting on the couch with you.

    But, of course, our childhood wasn’t ALL about me antagonizing you. Nope. We had more good times than I can possibly share in just one post, but I can highlight the biggies.

    As grade schoolers, we were pool rats in the summer and roller-skating queens during the winter. We lived for the weekend during June, July and August so that we could go to the stock car races to cheer on Dean Ward to beat Willie Hecke to the checkered flag.

    We went on great vacations to Fort Robinson and Lake Okoboji (remember the Wild Mouse roller coaster?) and South Dakota and New Mexico and California. When we “grew up” the good times just kept coming, the best one happening when I introduced you to the love of your life, Larry (and you got to experience Greek life with me). Our lives were changing.

    Now we were making memories for our kids to remember. Hours long bike rides with Amy on the back of your bike and Blake on mine. Birthday parties for our nieces and nephews attended by all. Family reunions at the lake (what happens at the lake stays at the lake).

    And, then the one memory that is shared by so many family members and friends and relatives that truly defines who you are as a person … state basketball at Hotel Dix. Every year there were as many 30 people of all ages staying with you and Larry from Thursday through Sunday and you welcomed all of us with open arms in spite of the wreck we made of your house. That is who you are, Ronda, a welcoming sister, aunt and friend to all; a loving mom to Jason and Amy; a doting grandma to Regis; a devoted wife to Larry.

    Man, how lucky am I to have you as my sister?