• I feel like when life events such deaths, tragic accidents, or difficult journeys ensue, we all start to realize what is really important to us in life. We cling to the important things tighter and shed those things in life that just are not needed or bring us down.

    One of things that I believe we realize immediately is just how amazing true friendships are. This is why I am so happy to share this guest post with you today. Janet has been a friend of my mom’s for 23 years! It’s hard to think it’s been that long, but she is the first friend that I can remember my mom having when we moved to Lincoln!

    Janet lived in our neighborhood and we quickly become family friends! Her daughter, Niki, and I spent countless hours learning all of the dance moves to all Michael Jackson music videos and Jason played countless hours of basketball with Janet’s sons, Jeff & Brian. Soon, we all became a part of the Pius X family and the rest is history!

    Enjoy this week’s guest post by Janet.

    There’s many quotes, phrases, definitions about friends and friendship.  I thought about starting this with one of them, but as I was reading through them all, it became very difficult to choose just one because I feel Ronda has them all covered.
    For about 23 years, Ronda has been there as someone I could always go to for any ups or down in my life.  We’ve shared so much over the years with getting our kids through school and working together.  We’ve attended many sporting events, dance performances, social events, meetings and clocked many miles from walks together where we would “talk it all out.”  I remember a time that we were at a high school volleyball game and I almost fainted, and she still teases me about that!
    I’ve always known that Ronda would be honest with me about anything I put before her, and that is a true friend.
    A little over 20 years ago, Ronda called and suggested I apply for a job at Eyecare Specialties, where she was working.  I’ve been there ever since, working beside her for many of those years.  Her work ethic, positive attitude, willingness to help anyone, and her true friendly demeanor is something to be admired.  She is always there to lend a helping hand to anyone in need.  I don’t know of anyone that has a more positive outlook on everything.  I don’t think negativism is any part of her being.  
    I’m so happy that she came into my life and strive to have the positive attitude that she does.  I am proud and blessed to call her my friend!  -Janet