• It still seems like yesterday to me, but in reality, it was a few years ago. I was at our National Sales Conference for the company I was with at the time and I was speaking to all of the District Operations Managers in the company about the importance of “personal branding.”

    I get it…you are wondering how the heck personal branding has anything to do with my mom … well, let me tell you how this moment changed my life and made me realize that Ronda was truly a ONE OF A KIND person in this world!

    So there I was…giving a talk about personal branding, more specifically, the “10.5 Ways to Build a Phenomenal Personal Brand.” As I gave reasons 1-10, the audience was…well..”bleh”…your worst nightmare as a professional speaker. Really, all I wanted to do was get through my talk so I could leave the room and cross my “talk” off of the list.

    And then…then…I got to reason 10.5 of ways you can build a phenomenal personal brand…that’s when everything changed.

    My audience…they changed…they started to lean in…I saw tears from their eyes. I even saw tissues being passed around the room. I guess “10.5” was the reason I was there. 10.5 should have been my entire speech. 1-10 meant nothing compared to reason 10.5. So….what was 10.5?

    10.5 – Be positive…always!

    Obviously, this is easier said than done, but what I talked about was how this lesson was a lesson that I learned from my mom. You see, even through the less than privileged childhood, the obstacles of abuse, being burned as a little girl, growing up with dirt floors, growing up with alcoholism, losing her grandmother to ¬†pancreatic cancer, losing her mother to pancreatic cancer, and recently losing 2 brothers to pancreatic cancer, she has always managed to CELEBRATE every small victory in life, every family get together, and every accomplishment…no matter how small.

    She would always say to me, “Amy, you have to celebrate the small things in life because the big things don’t come around that often!”

    I will never forget the tears in that room as I told that story. I will never forget the way people were moved and experienced an internal shift within themselves. At that moment, I realized what an incredible woman my mom really is. At that moment, I realized what an awesome lesson she instilled in not only me, but so many others that have been in her presence.

    What’s most moving is that even in her time of sickness, in complete exhaustion, she seems to have instilled the “10.5” lesson in those that she is surrounded by today.

    So, it is no surprise to me that the AMAZING staff at Select Specialty wanted to throw her a CELEBRATION for her last day of Radiation. She just has a way of bringing that out in others!

    Join me and all of her Caregivers in CELEBRATING not just a “small thing in life” but a great victory as she has completed radiation and continues on her journey…