• Guest post from a special friend who would love to share how Ronda has been such a hero and inspiration to everyone she’s around!

    “You are going above and beyond!”  To which Ronda replies, “As always!”

    How else can I better describe Ronda than this: above and beyond, as always!  From her caring heart, to her positive attitude, to her determined spirit, to her genuine concern for others, all the way down to the sporting of her beloved Husker gear…Yes, she is above and beyond, and it is contagious! Ronda consistently does significantly more than asked or expected in all areas of her life. Over the last several months, Ronda has demonstrated spunky, enthusiastic, courageous, and relentless attitudes and actions that leave those around her smiling, laughing, inspired, and optimistic.  From her “sure I can, aced it, and you betchas”  to her animated fist pumps and high-fives, Ronda is a hero and daily inspires those around her.

    With Ronda’s recent challenges, Ronda has again gone above and beyond, as always, to dominate these challenges! Please continue to send thoughts and prayers for this wonderful lady!