• Post by Jason Dix


    I was able to witness an incredible transformation this past week when I went home to see Ronda! She was completely coherent and could remember sooo many details about her past, my past, and even about doctors she had right after her surgery. I continue to be amazed at how the brain can repair itself, especially considering that when I saw her in April, the only thing she could do was squeeze my hand….no eating, no talking, no ability to open her eyes, or move anything on the left side of her body. My how things have changed!!!

    We talked about my son Regis, and his insatiable desire to constantly smile. She actually said to me, “J, I have a serious question. Does Regis ever take a bad picture?” I had to respond “only when he’s hungry, just like his father:)”

    So Ronda is very anxious to get out of the hospital, but at this point it is crucial to finish radiation and chemo, then reassess her ability to process information, walk on her own, and accomplish otherwise elementary tasks.

    She remains positive and is going to fight this cancer with determination! Although she can send mixed signals at times like, “Son I want you to know what a privilege it has been to be your mother”, she also says things like “when I come visit you in Florida I can get the whole wing of the house to myself!” To this I attest her realistic assessment of what the future could hold, but for now, we live life 7 days at a time, never knowing where she might be.

    I encourage everybody to tell their family you love them consistenly and with conviction.

    In sum, my mother is ready to start living again, outside of a hospital setting. She will attain this goal because she has so much to live for. Can’t wait to give her a hug again in July!