• This update is a guest post from my aunt, Annette. Annette (Larry’s sister) and my uncle John were in Lincoln over Memorial Day weekend. When I asked Nettie if she would write a guest post, I certainly was not surprised by the things that she observed while visiting Ronda. She continues to inspire me with her amazing outlook on the situation. Read for yourself…

    “Positive Self-Talk”

    by Annette Nelson

    We had the pleasure  of visiting Ronda this weekend and continue to learn from her about how much our physical bodies respond to positive self-talk.

    In a short 6 weeks we have seen Ronda move through this journey from what seemed like darkness to light. When we walked in, she immediately began her normal conversations about everything from pro basketball to how bossy Larry is (an on-going joke about tough love).

    She is so much stronger than when we last saw her! Every time someone asked her to do something she said “Sure! I can do that!” and then DID IT! I know she will surprise some of you with what she has accomplished. Believing you can do something is 90% of the battle!

    Ronda greets every nurse, doctor and therapist by name and knows everything about their kids, dogs and social lives!
    She even told John about the soybean crops this year (something John keeps up with given his Midwest upbringing)!

    Before we left, Ronda asked for her toner and moisturizer so she could spruce up a little before today’s visitors! She loves visitors!

    Ronda told me, “Nettie, it is what it is, so you might as well make the choice to be happy along the way. ”

    Ronda is certainly an inspiration to us and reminds me everyday to not take myself so seriously or anyone I love for granted!