• Last night my dad sent Jason and I text that just said…”We need a conference call when you are available.”

    I think we all know a text such as this (in our situation) is likely not going to be a cheery one full of fabulous, over-the-top miraculous news! And…it wasn’t.

    Although, not horrible news, but now good news. My dad informed us that Ronda had developed a blood clot in her left ankle. She does not have much movement or control on her left side, so this is not surprising. As I always do, I processed the information, gathered the facts and hoped for the best with her surgery the following day.

    Shortly after, I jumped on social media and saw a status from someone that was so negative (and quite frankly so menial), I thought, “Gees! Is that seriously what you chose to post today?” I am not suggesting that everything on social media be all hunky-dory, but I do know this…you have a CHOICE! You get to CHOOSE your actions…every. single. day. You get to choose HOW you perceive things. Wouldn’t you rather go through life creating POSITIVE thoughts, rather than wallowing in the negative ones? I know that I certainly would!

    Thoughts are some powerful things that the mind creates for us. It is said that the average person processes up to 60,000 thoughts a day. What that means is that is how many thoughts go through our minds in the course of one day. It is also an interesting fact that 90 percent of those thoughts are on the subconscious level. We don’t even know consciously we are having those thoughts.

    Subconscious thoughts are automatic. The subconscious mind produces them without any conscious effort from our conscious mind what-so-ever. Our subconscious works like an automatic pilot — it thinks of things all day long without us even realizing it. It is our subconscious mind that also stores our memories, histories and experiences like a filing cabinet. So, consciously we may have a smile on our faces but stored in our subconscious may be a trauma that we experienced that affects who we are as well. In this regard, it is the subconscious mind that stimulates and affects either positive or negative patterns of behavior based on what is stored there.

    If we are pre programmed to act a certain way, for instance to think negative via our subconsciousnesses, we will do so consciously because it is part of our programming. It is the negative programming that also helps to keep us from achieving what we consciously say we want. So, in essence it is the automatic thoughts that either enable you to succeed or fail based on your subconscious pre-disposition to things in the first place. With this in mind, in order to either maintain or re-establish a positive attitude, one has to change one’s mindset in order to succeed.  The first step in this battle is to look at where the source of any negative thoughts are coming from so they can be eliminated.

    Changing the negative mindset to a positive one is called cognitive modification. In terms of changing a negative mindset to a positive one, thought patterns are consciously re-conditioned so a new mindset is established. This is not an easy process by any means; it takes serious conscious effort to do so.

    One of the easiest ways to start to change one’s mind patterns from negative to positive is when a negative thought enters your mind to immediately replace it with a positive one. This helps to change your mind consciously and leaves an imprint on the subconscious when you do so. You have to eliminate the negative thoughts which create a negative mindset in the first place.

    I am happy to report that Ronda’s outpatient surgery for her blood clot went well and she is now recovering…of course, I never thought it wouldn’t go well! 🙂

    Continue your positive thinking and if you feel so inclined, I know (even though as positive as she is) that Ronda could sure hear your positive words and thoughts! Send her an E-greeting. It’s free and you can send her one from the following link: https://bryanlgh.netreturns.biz/cheercards/

    I will be headed home next week and look forward to reading your cards to her!

    Much Love,