• For most of Ronda’s family and friends, they may have heard of “#lipsticktherapy” and most know what it is and how it started. However, for those of you still confused and wondering how the heck lipstick relates to Ronda’s journey, allow me to explain…

    It all started when I went home after discovering that my mom had a brain tumor. When I booked my one-way flight home, I knew Ronda had a journey ahead of her. What I didn’t know was just how slow that journey would start out. As I booked my ticket on Southwest, I can remember contemplating on what day I should come home. It was a Thursday and her surgery was on Friday. We had a ton of Southwest points accumulated and I was thankful to be able to use them for this very unexpected trip. As I was researching flights, I was blown away at how expensive and how many points were required for these “last minute” flights. Although, I am not sure why I was so shocked…it was very last minute after all. I wanted to go home and I wanted to leave immediately, but quickly realized that my “ton of Southwest points” was nothing compared to what it would take to get home! Don’t get me wrong, in times like these, you don’t care much about the cost, but my practical brain just wanted to make a good decision. I also had two people offering to just book my flight for me…one, a tremendously, unselfish family friend who said she had more points than she knew what to do with, and another one of my best friends, who never thinks twice when it comes to being the kindest, most giving person I know! Regardless, I couldn’t bring myself to rely on anyone else, especially when I knew I could make it happen myself. So, I settled on flying home on the first Monday as it was the first day that I could get out with the remainder number of Southwest points I had.

    In my mind, I thought…this will be perfect. Mom has surgery on Friday, give her a couple of days to recover and I will get to see her and talk to her on Monday once she has recovered. I had no idea how untrue that vision actually was! By Sunday, I was on a three-way call with my dad and my brother: Ronda still had not “woken up” from surgery. I remember my dad telling my brother, “you need to come home as soon as possible.” Nothing else needed to be spoken. We both knew what that meant. That weekend was the longest weekend of my life…wishing I were no where else, but home, in Lincoln, NE with my mom. I wished I had taken that first flight out as I felt more helpless than I ever have in my entire life.

    On April 5th, after getting ready in the morning to go to the hospital, I went into my mom’s bathroom to find a Q-Tip. While searching in her newly remodeled bathroom, I realized I didn’t know where anything was. So, I went searching. In my search, I found her lipstick stash! Wow! She has a ton of lipstick….mostly your choice is pink, or pink! 🙂 I found this bright pink shade and thought, “Holy Crap! This will wake her up!” So, me being the no make-up kind of girl, I put it on and WOW, WAS IT BRIGHT!

    I posted this on my Facebook page before I left for the hospital and thus began #lipsticktherapy.